Tadhamon Microfinance

Leading local entrepreneurship and SMEs’ bank in Yemen

Our Vision

inclusive and advanced financial services for everyone in Yemen.

Our Mission

To contribute to improving living conditions of low-income people, micro-entrepreneurs and small farmers in all governorates of Yemen especially in rural areas through providing sustainable and diversified financial and non-financial services that meet the need of the clients, in line with the digital development and Sharia compliant

02. Our Products

Tadhamon Microfinance Products

Tadhamon Microfinance is keen to fulfill its mission by diversifying the products it offers

03. Financing Request

Are you looking for a fund for your project?

Make your dream and ambition to develop your project become a reality. Tadhamon Microfinance offers a set of financing products that are suitable for all segments of customers in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia. Our financing amounts to 30 million Yemeni riyals.

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04. Annual Statement

Statement until 31-12-2023

Our goal is to provide quality service, efficiently and effectively We are committed to clarity, transparency, adoption of social responsibility and contribution to supporting projects and ideas that advance society from consumption to industry and export

Issued Portfolio
Number 52,822
Value 26,875,660,499
Issued Funds for Males
Number 32,441
Value 22,360,776,518
Finances issued for females
Number 20,381
Value 4,514,883,981
Finances under the age of 35
Number 25,884
Value 12,462,085,973
Financing over the age of 35
Number 26,938
Value 14,413,574,526
Active portfolio
Number 6,041
Value 5,643,434,932
Portfolio at Risk
Number 4.11

Success Stories

Many success stories achieved by projects that benefited from (Tadhamon Microfinance) financing prove, based on the economic return and profitability achieved, that the process of financing small projects went on the right track and contributed to creating job opportunities for them and improving their standard of living.

07. Success Partners